Discover a New Era of Secure Interaction on ARK

ARK Connect redefines how you engage with the world of ARK Ecosystem. It is more than just a wallet, more like a passport to seamless and secure authentication.

Unlock the Full Potential of ARK Ecosystem

A new way to interact, connect, and authenticate with ARK Connect’s cutting-edge features.

Connect with Apps

Swiftly connect your wallet to Web3 apps with your desired address securely.

Connect with Apps Screen

Approve On-chain Actions

Safely authorize on-chain actions. Sign transactions, votes, and signatures easily.

Approve On-chain Actions Screen

Control App Connections

Seamlessly control your active connections, enhancing security and managing connected apps.

Control App Connections Screen

Ledger Hardware Compatibility

Enjoy complete compatibility with Ledger Nano S and Nano X devices. Effortlessly import your ARK addresses. 

Ledger Hardware Compatibility Screen

Frequently Asked Question

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